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 Photoshoot Checklist



Front Exterior-17Marlton Dr Living.jpg


  • Remove cars from driveway

  • Close all windows

  • Sweep walkways.

  • Pick up leaves, sticks, branches.

  • Stow hoses, garden tools, supplies.

  • Straighten and arrange deck furniture.

  • Clean pool area.

  • Turn on any water features. (Fountains, waterfalls, etc.)

  • Check and deactivate sprinkler timers.

  • Open Outdoor Umbrellas

  • Clean windows

Front Exterior-38Marlton Dr Kitchen.jpg


  • Remove all items from refrigerator door.

  • Store food in cabinets.

  • De-clutter counters, stove.

  • Stow small appliances.

  • Hide soaps, cleaning items.

  • Hide dish towels, sponges.

  • Clear sink of dishes.

  • Put away draining rack.

  • Organize items on open shelves.

  • Set the table for dinner.

  • Add a vase of flowers.

  • Clear surfaces of clutter.

  • Turn all lights ON and replace burned out light bulbs.(Don't forget under-cabinet lighting, microwave / stove light, lamps, decorative light pieces, spotlights, etc.)

  • Turn all fans OFF.

  • Open all curtains and blinds.

  • Turn all TVS OFF.

  • Secure or remove all pets before the photographer enters the home.

porche edit-097PorchePrimary.jpg

 Bed + Bath 

  • Make the beds.

  • Arrange decorative pillows.

  • Put away clothing, shoes.

  • Clean under the bed.

  • Hang fresh towels.

  • Clear counters of toiletries.

  • Clean mirrors.

  • Clean toilet and close lid.

  • Remove all items from tub and shower.

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